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Are you considering ferrets as pets? Here's what you should know

by Century 21 Winklhofer 05/13/2024

Have you ever considered ferrets as pets? These furry and adorable creatures are well-loved by their owners for being affectionate, entertaining and easy to care for. However, a ferret isn’t the perfect pet for everyone. The more you know about having a ferret as a pet before making your decision, the better. 

Are ferrets high maintenance pets?

Many ferret owners would say they are easy pets to care for, but on one major condition: they need social stimulation. Ferrets are social creatures, so it’s recommended to get more than one ferret. Even with fellow furry friends, ferrets need regular attention from their owners, which can be a serious time commitment.

Another aspect of ferret care that might make them high maintenance is their intelligence combined with their propensity to get into trouble if not supervised. To keep your ferret mentally stimulated, you’ll need to provide the right toys and games for them to safely play with. 

If they get out of their cage, ferrets can easily wind up eating or chewing things around the house. They’re also masters of squeezing into tight spaces, making them hard to find if they decide to hide from you. Ferret proofing your home is possible, but an enormous undertaking.

Are ferrets legal to own?

Before you get too excited about a pet ferret, make sure you’re able to own one legally. In California, Hawaii or within New York City, pet ferrets are banned domestic animals. While it’s not impossible to care for them in these areas, finding a reputable veterinary care will be difficult and costly.

How much do ferrets cost?

Cost is an important factor to consider when contemplating adopting a ferret. The price for the ferret itself can vary depending on location, but their ongoing care can be costly. Budget for everything from vet visits to ferret-specific food, toys and living arrangements - a large cage, at least - when planning. 

What makes a ferret a good house pet

If you have the time and space, ferrets can make wonderful pets. Here are some other great reasons to consider bringing home a ferret:

  • They can be litter box trained like cats for easier cleanup.
  • They’re quiet animals and sleep an average of 18 hours a day.
  • Ferrets have unique personalities like dogs, cats and other highly intelligent pets.

Is a pet ferret right for you? Keeping these key factors in mind will help you decide whether bringing a ferret (or two) into your household is your next step.